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85 Corvette  (96 exterior) Buick 274 ci

The exterior was changed to a 1996.
The interior is stock black with leather seats and carpet.

Pulled out the L98 350 ci. Chev and the 4+3 stick tranny. Then put the Buick 274 ci V6 turbo motor in, complete with the 2004R transmission.

Removed the motor mounts from the frame rail and welded in new box brackets that fit the stock Buick rubber bushings/ mounts. We were able to place the motor farther back.
The Buick motor is about 4 inched taller with the oil pan and a bit wider than the Chev L98.

Supporting the 2004R was tricky. Wayne at WD Welding made a support that stretches between the side frame rails plus connected to the stock rear "C" channel support using a stock rubber bushing.

I'm using most of the gauges from the Vette plus the fuel tank, radiator, PS, PB. etc.

  • Body
  • Engine
  • Drive-train
  • Engine management / Fuel
  • Notes:
    She's gone 9.73 @ 142 mph this year. This car is smooth and quiet, drives nicely and gets better gas mileage than my Safari Van.
    This is a REAL street driver. I race it at the track just as I drive it on the street, except I replace the rear 315/35/17 radials with MT et street radial tires. I recently switched from et streets (bias belt) to the radials and picked up my short times from 1.42 to 1.38.




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    Wheels Up                                                       Burn Out                                                   Good Launch

    Wheels Up    Burn Out    

      Turbo and down pipe                                                launch                                                         Turbo V6 GTP Corvette

                                                                                                                                                                   (I wasn't the first)
      In the air 

    Beechbend Video (.WMV)

    Track Video 1 (.AVI)

    Track Video 2 (.AVI)

    Track Video 3 (.WMV)

    Beechbend Video 9.8

    This was my GN I bought new back in 86.
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                                                                                      Same car painted white

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    My other toy...

    1998 V Max 1200, V4
    4 to 1 Hindle exhaust
    DynoJet Stage 7 Jet Kit

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